Standard C library for mathematic operations.
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absReturn absolute value of integer parameter
acosCalculate arccosine
asinCalculate arcsine
atanCalculate arctangent
atan2Calculate arctangent, 2 parameters
atofConvert string to double
ceilReturn the smallest integer that is greater or equal to x
cosCalculate cosine
coshCalculate hyperbolic cosine
expCalculate exponential
fabsReturn absolute value of floating-point
floorRound down value
fmodReturn remainder of floating point division
frexpGet mantissa and exponent of floating-point value
labsReturn absolute value of long integer parameter
ldexpGet floating-point value from mantissa and exponent
logCalculate natural logarithm
log10Calculate logarithm base 10
modfSpli floating-point value into fractional and integer parts
powCalculate numeric power
sinCalculate sine
sinhCalculate hyperbolic sine
sqrtCalculate square root
tanCalculate tangent
tanhCalculate hyperbolic tangent


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