int  ferror (FILE * stream);

Check for errors.
  Tests if a error has occurred in the last reading or writing operation with the given stream, returning a non-zero value in case of error.
  If indeed there has been an error the error indicator will not be modified by a call to this function. You should call clearerr or rewind to reset it.


pointer to an open file.

Return Value.
  If there were no errors a 0 value is returned.
  Otherwise a non-zero value is returned and the error indicator of the stream will remain set.


/* ferror example: writing error */
#include <stdio.h>
main ()
  FILE * pFile;
  if (pFile==NULL) perror ("Error opening file");
  else {
    fputc ('x',pFile);
    if (ferror (pFile))
      printf ("Error Writing to myfile.txt\n");
    fclose (pFile);
  return 0;
This program opens an existing file called myfile.txt in read-only mode but tries to write a character on it, generating an error that is detected by ferror.
 Error Writing to myfile.txt

See also.
  feof, clearerr, perror

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