size_t  strxfrm ( const char * dest, const char * src, size_t num );

Transform string using locale settings.
  Copies the first num characters of src to dest performing the apropiate transformations for the current locale settings if needed.
  No null-character is implicitly appended to dest after copying process. So dest may not be null-terminated if no null-caracters are copied from src.
  If num is greater than the length of src, dest is padded with zeros until num.
  The behavor of this function is the same as strncpy but performing locale character transformations.


Destination string. Space allocated should be at least num characters long.
Null-terminated string containing string to be transformed.
Number of characters to be transformed and stored in dest.

Return Value.
  The length of the transformed string without the null-character terminator.

  Defined in ANSI-C.

See also.
  strcmp, strncmp, memcmp

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