(bitmask type)

Type for format flags.
  Bitmask type to store format flags. The flag values can be any combination of the following constant member values:

flageffect if set
ios_base::boolalphainput/output bool objects as alphabetic names (true, false).
ios_base::decinput/output integer in decimal base format.
ios_base::fixedoutput floating point values in fixed-point notation.
ios_base::hexinput/output integer in hexadecimal base format.
ios_base::internalthe output is filled at an internal point enlarging the output up to the field width.
ios_base::leftthe output is filled at the end enlarging the output up to the field width.
ios_base::octinput/output integer in octal base format.
ios_base::rightthe output is filled at the beginning enlarging the output up to the field width.
ios_base::scientificoutput floating-point values in scientific notation.
ios_base::showbaseoutput integer values preceded by the numeric base.
ios_base::showpointoutput floating-point values including always the decimal point.
ios_base::showposoutput non-negative numeric preceded by a plus sign (+).
ios_base::skipwsskip leading whitespaces on certain input operations.
ios_base::unitbufflush output after each inserting operation.
ios_base::uppercaseoutput uppercase letters replacing certain lowercase letters.
There are also defined three other constants that can be used as masks:
ios_base::adjustfieldleft | right | internal
ios_base::basefielddec | oct | hex
ios_base::floatfieldscientific | fixed

See also.
  flags, setf, unsetf
  manipulators boolalpha, dec, fixed, hex, internal, left, noboolalpha, noshowbase, noshowpoint, noshowpos, noskipws, nounitbuf, nouppercase, oct, right, scientific, showbase, showpoint, showpos, skipws, unitbuf and uppercase
  ios_base class

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