streambuf::seekoff [virtual] [protected]
streampos seekoff ( streamoff off, ios_base::seekdir way, ios_base::openmode which = ios_base::in | ios_base::out );

Set position of internal position pointer.
  This member is called to set a new value for the position pointer in a streambuf-derived object. Its default behavior for this class is just to return an invalid position.
  This is a virtual member function that should be redefined in derived classes to behave as expected setting a new position from an offset value (off) relative to a given direction (way) for the position pointers specified by parameter which.
  Standard class filebuf redefines this specifically for filebuf objects (filebuf::seekoff).


Offset value. This is relative to way parameter.
It is an integer value, an object of type streamoff.
It is an object of type ios_base::seekdir. It may take any of the following constant values:
Determines which of the internal position pointers shall be modified, either in, out or both. It is an object of type ios_base::openmode that may take any combination of the following significant constant values:

Return Value.
  The new position value of the modified position pointer.
  In case of error the value returned is an invalid position.

Basic template member declaration ( basic_streambuf<charT,traits> ):
typedef traits::pos_type pos_type;
typedef traits::off_type off_type;
pos_type seekoff (off_type off, ios_base::seekdir way, ios_base which = ios_base::in | ios_base::out );

See also.
  pubseekoff, filebuf::seekoff
  streambuf class

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