stringstream::stringstream [constructor]
explicit stringstream ( openmode mode = in | out );
explicit stringstream ( const string & str, openmode mode = in | out );

Construct an object and optionally initialize string content.
  Constructs an object of class stringstream including the initialization of the associated stringbuf object and the call to its base class' constructor with the stringbuf object as constructor parameter.
  Additionally, in case the second constructor syntax is used, the stream's buffer is initialized with the content of the STL string object str as if a call to member str.


Flags describing the requested i/o mode for the string buffer. This is an object of type ios_base::openmode, it generally consists of a combination of the following flags (member constants):
app(append) Seek to the end of the stream before each output operation.
ate(at end) Seek to the end of the stream when opening.
binaryConsider stream as binary rather than text.
inAllow input operations on a stream.
outAllow output operations on a stream.
trunc(truncate) Truncate file to zero when opening.
String object to be copied to internal buffer. This is an STL string object.

Return Value.


// using stringstream constructors.
#include <iostream>
#include <sstream>
using namespace std;

int main () {

  int val;
  string mystr;
  stringstream ss (stringstream::in | stringstream::out);

  ss << "120 42 377 6 5 2000";

  for (int n=0; n<6; n++)
    ss >> val;
    cout << val*2 << endl;

  return 0;
This example uses the constructor to declare a stringstream for both input and output operations. A string is inserted into the stringstream and then it is extracted as integer values.

Basic template member declaration ( basic_stringstream<charT,traits,Allocator> ):
explicit basic_stringstream ( openmode mode = in | out );
explicit basic_stringstream ( const basic_string<charT,traits,Allocator> * str, openmode mode = in | out );

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