The C++ Language Tutorial
The Author


My name is Juan Soulié, I'm a self-taught programmer born in 1977 in the Mediterranean island of Mallorca belonging to the Kingdom of Spain.

Before bumping into C and subsequently C++ I used to program in Pascal and when I was a child with Basic in my Spectrum and MSX-16kB machines. I also have some respect for unix shell scripting and nowadays Perl. Right now I'm specialized in Windows' API Programming and internet-related technologies.

The aim that pushed me to write this tutorial was to share with everyone interested in learning this amazing and versatile programming language what I've learnt here and there throughout the years using what seems to me simple and understandable explanations and avoiding useless (or slightly useful) theory. I've tried to explain what you can do with C++ instead on emphasizing what you should do.

Finally, I want to thank these people that have found some typos in previous versions of the tutorial: Mike H, Proto, Anderson Fabiano, Alex Hoover, Jose Castaneda , nameless person, Scott A. Fanjoy, Mr. Venom, Weilan W Wu, Vern Hamberg, Brian Agbay, and some others whose names were not disclosed in their messages.

There are probably some other errors to find. If you find one please mail me at <>. I also guess -by some comments received- that the text needs a serious grammar correction effort. It seems natural, since I am not native English-speaker. Any help on that would also be highly appreciated.

      Juan Soulié

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