From Fri Feb 18 13:51:44 2000
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 21:20:16 -0500
From: Zephaniah E. Hull 
Subject: The summary and full log.

I'll try and keep this as brief as possible, so let me start with a quick rundown of who I am..

I am Zephaniah E. Hull <> AKA Mercury AKA ShadowPouncer[F8S].

I am a developer, for Debian and QuakeForge. I am formerly the 'Interproject Relations Specialist' for the QuakeLives project.

On Thursday, Jan 27th, I was alerted to the release of QuakeLives 2.53. This release was made as a binary patch to 2.52, but lacked any source code. In my opinion this is a violation of both the spirit and letter of the GNU GPL. Even if it weren't, I consider it unethical to attempt to circumvent the GPL in this manner.

I wanted to give Slade the benefit of the doubt on this matter, so I asked several people if they would hold off on any arguments or flames about 2.53 until I had a chance to speak with Slade directly.

After talking to Slade it become quite apparent to me that Slade has no interest in the ethical consequences of this release, relations with other Quake source based projects, or whether or not the release was legal under the GNU GPL or not.

Because of this I have resigned my position as 'Interproject Relations Specialist', and am attempting to make others, including Id Software, Inc's legal department, aware of this ongoing situation.

Attached below is a completely unaltered log of the communications between Slade and myself.

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[ Ed: The following is the verbatim transcript of Mercury's IRC conversation with Slade, which was attached to the email. ]
Mercury:We need to talk.
Slade:gimme a few :)
Mercury:We don't really have the time.
Slade:gimme a few..
Slade:need to go to the can
Slade:what do you need?
Mercury:Ok, let me start off by saying that the ONLY reason you don't have severe flack coming from four different people right now is that I personally requested that they hold off until I talked to you.
Slade:talk to me
Mercury:The pure bull shit with the 2.53 binary only release is down right offensive
Slade:its legal
Mercury:I'll put it simply, source, up on the page, /NOW/
Slade:i've checked it and cross checked it
Mercury:No, it is not, the patch program is a drivitive in itself.
Slade:i also sent my home phone number to iD software
Slade:if they have any problems they can call me personally
Mercury:No, you WILL put the source up, now, thats not a choice, or a request.
Slade:its legit
Slade:i have no reason to have to put it up
Mercury:Because thats sure as hell stepping outside what I told you straight out I would leave if things happened.
Slade:no gpl violations here
Mercury:Explain exactly how the patch program is not a GPL violation?
Slade:i checked it out with the buisness software association
Slade:the patch program itself is shareware.. thats legit
Slade:the strings inside
Slade:are considered binarys strings which are not under copywrites
Mercury:The strings inside contain a drivitive of the binaries compiled from GPL source, as such you must include source, or a written offer, as covered by the GPL
Slade:not according to the BSA
Mercury:They are wrong in this case..
Slade:if they are wrong.. iD will tell me so
Mercury:This is one of the most underhanded and dishonost tricks I have seen in a LONG time.
Mercury:No, /I/ am telling you so!
Slade:you're the one that thought the MGL was against the GPL
Slade:you're word doesnt hold alot of water
Mercury:No, I took the word of another on that, and it took a lot of peering to verify that it was with the GPL
Slade:i think the BSA holds more water then you
Mercury:I will say this once more, you WILL release the source, and now..
Slade:no, i wont
Mercury:Otherwise I am gone, and I will make damn sure everyone knows exactly why.
Mercury:And I don't think I'm the only one who will leave over this.
Slade:sure you are