[3] C++-FAQ-Book versus C++-FAQ-Lite
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[3.1] Is there a C++ FAQ Book in addition to the C++ FAQ Lite?

Yes, the book is C++ FAQs by Cline, Lomow, and Girou, Addison-Wesley, 1999, ISBN 0-201-30983-1.

The book has achieved a five-star rating ([*****]) on Amazon.com, and is available in bookstores.

Here is the cover:

[Book Cover]

Here are some excerpts.

Here is the book at various bookstores (in alphabetical order):

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[3.2] Is there a big difference between C++ FAQ Lite and C++ FAQ Book?

Yes there is a big difference.

At last count, the C++ FAQ Book is 500% larger than the C++ FAQ Lite.

Bottom line: the book and this Lite document are not the same. The book is both broader and deeper — it covers subjects that aren't covered in this Lite document, and it covers subjects in more detail than this Lite document.

In addition, the book has lots and lots of programming examples — many more than are in this Lite document.

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