Standard C library to manipulate C strings.
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memchrSearch buffer for a character
memcmpCompare two buffers
memcpyCopy bytes to buffer from buffer
memmoveCopy bytes to buffer from buffer
memsetFill buffer with specified character
strcatAppend string
strchrFind character in string
strcmpCompare two strings
strcollCompare two strings using locale settings
strcpyCopy string
strcspnSearch string for occurrence of charcter set
strerrorGet pointer to error message string
strlenReturn string length
strncatAppend substring to string
strncmpCompare some characters of two strings
strncpyCopy characters from one string to another
strpbrkScan string for specified characters
strrchrFind las occurrence of character in string
strspnGet length of substring composed of given characters
strstrFind substring
strtokSequentially truncate string if delimiter is found
strxfrmTransform string using locale settings


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